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Enhancement List 

Some of you have asked what is next. To request an enhancement, please either use the contact us email or add a comment below. Below is the list of tasks (in order) for TheVacationCalendar Development Team:

Add functionality to remember the last house a user logged into in order to remove the need to always search for their vacation home.

Set a maximum of 50 rows to come back in house search

Create functionality to allow for a guest to request open time on the calendar. The Admin will need a control to have the email go to the Admin or to all owners

Build functionality to delete all house data for incomplete houses or houses that no longer have a subscription

Rework the schedule guests screen to improve the formatting and usability

Improve the sign-up process and ensure that a user can go back without disrupting the process. Additionally, add functionality to allow a partially created house to be finished.

Create subscription management screen

Add the ability to delete a comment from the Blog

Create email for support links that pops a new window and allows for user to submit issues

Timeout should automatically redirect to home page

Functionality to rent unused vacation time

More robust Photo Album functionality including categories

Section for recommended things to do like restaurants, activities, shopping, etc.
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