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manage your vacation home occupancy and availability                

Welcome to your shared online calendar for your vacation home!!!

Organize your vacation home calendar

  • Spend more time enjoying your getaway home
  • Let friends and family see the online calendar so they know when they can visit
  • Keep track of when your vacation home is in use
  • Share information on the house bulletin board and house blog

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The perfect way to organize all types of vacation homes

  • Beach house calendar
  • Ski house calendar
  • Apartment calendar
  • Lake house calendar
  • Mountain house calendar
  • Condo calendar

Helps you manage any type of property arrangement

  • Family homes
  • Shared rental properties
  • Timeshares
  • Personal vacation homes

Spend more time enjoying your getaway home

The Vacation Calendar was originally built for my family who has a beach house in North Carolina. They had one individual who was responsible for the "official" calendar. Because people did not want to seem greedy, they often only spent a week or two down at the beach house. The result was that a beautiful house in the perfect location sometimes was often left unused, even on some of the most glorious summer weekends.

Let friends and family see when they can visit

Now, thanks to The Vacation Calendar, the schedule of who is going to use the beach house is available via the online calendar to not only all of the family members, but friends as well. This allows everyone to see that the house is going to be free and people can now feel comfortable offering the house to extended family and friends. Thanks to the ability to identify which rooms people are staying in, it is possible for friends and family to join others at the beach house which is a fantastic bonus because our family is definitely a "the more the merrier" family. But don't worry, if you want a nice quite weekend away, a simple click and the vacation calendar will show that there are no available rooms.

Keep track of when your vacation home is in use

Even if you do not share your vacation home, it is extremely helpful to have an online calendar to share with your friends and family so they know when you are going to be there. The Vacation Calendar lets you specify who is staying in each room of your house, so now those annoying late arrivers will know exactly which room they are sleeping in before they even leave the house.

Share information on the house bulletin board and house blog

Do you feel like every time you have a new guest you need to list out all of the instructions for them? How to get to the house, where the spare key can be found, what to do with the AC when you leave, etc, etc. Now, with the The Vacation Calendar Bulletin Board, you can direct all of your guests to a single location that has all of these details. No longer will you have to search for scraps of paper or old emails that have this valuable information. Also, with the house blog, you can keep your friends and family up to date as well as let them add comments and keep you informed about what is going on in your home.

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